Emma Killian



3 Quick Ways to Turn your Inquiries into Bookings

Don’t like reading long blogs? We don’t like writing them either. Want to know what else is short? The time it takes for BriteVenue to positively impact your event sales conversion rate.

1. Automatic Responses

Brides are mass emailers. They don’t email one venue, they email 20 venues, from their couch at 8.45pm before the next episode of Game of Thrones. Now millennials expect instant responses (thanks, on-demand services like Lyft, Netflix, Amazon…).

BriteVenue enables venues to be “first responders”, automatically congratulating brides on their engagement, letting them know they excited to be considered for their celebration. Being the first to respond puts your venue ahead of the competition and establishes you as instantly committed to a bride’s’ needs. The best part? It’s super easy to configure with BriteVenue. Send us an inquiry and see for yourself.

2. A Database of Inquiries

Are you working off Google sheets? Do you manage your inquiries from a central email inbox? If you can tell me the status of every inquiry, in a couple of minutes… are you Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting?

If you are like most event pros we speak to, checking the status of every inquiry would likely take some time, sifting through your inbox and different Google sheets. Imagine being able to instantly see the status of every inquiry, create tasks to follow-up, and send automated emails to these inquiries depending on their status? Say hello to BriteVenue.

3. Reporting

Knowledge is power. Yet most venues find it difficult to say with certainty what is exactly going on beyond the day-to-day. That’s understandable, with a million other things to do, reporting gets pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Have you started using a new wedding directory and want to know exactly how many inquiries you have received and how many have turned into actual event sales?

BriteVenue can give you insights into the dollar return of all of your marketing channels. Focus on the channels with the highest conversion rate and see it’s immediate impact on your conversion rate! Easy peasy.

AND finally here is a bonus point: Because you are AWESOME

4. Reviews

You know you are doing AWESOME work but like some people obsess over their Lyft rating, brides are hugely swayed by the reviews and testimonials they read on your venue. Brides now review before they buy and then they review again. Too busy to get reviews and comments and pictures from your past clients? Get BriteVenue to do it for you! With BriteVenue you can automate out post-event surveys to collect those 5-star reviews and testimonials.

Did we already say easy peasy?!