5 Ways to Improve your Wedding Inquiry conversions

Have you recently completed a tour of your venue to a happy couple, walked away thinking that went well. Then had to chase or gotten the “We have gone with another Venue” response! The Team at Britevenue has put together some tips based on our experience to help in advance of the Tour.

1. Ideal Client 

Think of your last perfect wedding, the couple where the Inquiry, Sale, Booking, and for the most part in Pandemic, The planning went smoothly. The couple loved their day and your venue and they have raved about you, your team, the venue, and most importantly what a magical, memorable experience they had with you.

That is who you are selling to. As a venue you need to ensure you understand your ideal client, who they are & where they are, and become dedicated and focused on that. You cannot be everything to every wedding couple out there, you can however give the most amazing experiences to the right client.

2. Website Inquiry

Have you personally made an Inquiry from your mobile (where the majority of your traffic comes from) to your venue? What was the experience like? Do you have a specific wedding Inquiry form? Does it blend with your website? How easy was the form to find and once the Inquiry was submitted were you left on a bland Thank you (dead end) page? How quickly did you get a response? Rate the response honestly?

Remember from the moment a couple of clicks onto your site every aspect is a part of the sales experience. A dedicated Wedding Inquiry form that blends with your website, is easy to find, and redirects the couple to new content after submitting ensures the couple see and feel how important their wedding is to your venue. Even more important is ensuring a prompt response that sets’s the tone for communication going forward.

3. Create an Experience from the Start

Again think of that ideal couple you had. Try to connect, get to know your Inquiries. Ultimately how you make them feel will guide them even if your venue does not meet everything within their wishlist. And even if they do not book, they will go away with a positive feeling from the experience with you and spread the word. The best friend may be your next perfect couple. Gimmicks do not sell, people buy from people, people they like, know & trust.

4. Follow Up

While an automated email to acknowledge the inquiry is important, you need to ensure you are following up at this vital trust-building stage. Create easily changeable templates that you can adapt to that Inquiry in seconds, but still has your key information. Check your responses, your couples will likely read on mobile so ensure it’s not too long. Answer any questions they asked first, do not repeat templated information that is easily located on your website. They are already interested and are looking to move to the next stage as much as you are. Ask questions don’t just talk at them, respond in the format & style they asked in. Whether they are direct and to the point or chatty and breezy, match it. Show warmth, excitement, and friendliness. Don’t forget your call to action.

5. Ask the right questions

Saving the best to last here!

Ask the right questions In advance! You are ensuring you are primed to sell to this couple. Ask them what elements are important to their day. Work your essential questions (numbers attending, catering, and budget) into the conversation naturally.

A couple may not know what they want but most will be able to tell you about a wedding they were at they didn’t like something, here is where you can gather information about what’s crucial to their decision and adapt your pitch or reframe aspects. It also allows you to qualify the couple, a couple who mention intimate & cozy style of day are not a fit for you if your minimum numbers require them to go big. This is a great way to qualify but in an indirect way that won’t feel abrupt. Engage them in the experience of the day-style questions.

Asking the right questions about what they want to feel after their day or experience on their day ensures you can either adapt or not take it to the Tour stage. Booking the right tours saves you time and vastly improves your conversion rate.


Have you links to short testimonials, real weddings, or beautiful up-to-date imagery (even your Instagram account linked) in your signature? Remember imagery is powerful, a person can process the entirety of an image in approximately 13 milliseconds, the smoother you make the process for the couple to imagine them having their day with you, the more likely they will be to buy.

Now from here, you have set the bar, their Inquiry mattered to your Venue, they have connected with your Venue and finally, you know enough about them to ensure you are primed to sell to them.

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