3 Tips Every Successful Event Planner Practices

The obvious here is that a successful Event Planner juggles clients, time, budgets and makes it look effortless. Natural organizational skills, bundles of creativity, and all delivered with a smile.

This does not happen without work so we have put together 3 tips that you may have overlooked to maximize your time.

1. Value Your Time

You are skilled at what you do, your clients know it and appreciate it but sometimes event planners can forget this. Value your time & skills. We have all had that one client who pulls on every skill, contact, resource, and last bit of energy.

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries, many planners are strict on when the planning starts with a client. For example, only communicating within 6 months of their day/ event ensuring you are not too stretched & your clients get the best of you.

Create FAQ’s, advice sheets, and communication sharing documents and have them primed to go out to your clients at key points in the planning. For example, advice on wedding/event day timelines 6-8 weeks before the day rather than sharing that a year out when they will ignore anyway. Automation and templates are your best friends here!

2. Track Your Time

It’s vital to ensure you track your time fully. Log your notes, calls, and meetings against that client. Input meeting topics, whether it was in person or virtual, ensure you allocate the correct time the meeting took & time spent on the meeting itself & follow-up all actions. Ensure your emails are synced to the same system to catch all communication, frequent quick replies from your mobile can add up. Are your team doing the same? Is everyone working from once centralized platform?

This keeps you focused but more importantly organized and reduces time spent between systems or checking communications with colleagues. Streamline your time and systems.

3. Plan Your Time

Setting out short-term activities and then the long-term goals is crucial. Doing this weekly and then actioning daily is what helps you focus on the detail that is what each client really appreciates you for and also makes for memorable events. If tasks pop up unplanned, as they definitely will do, record these and compare at the end of the week to see where your planning needs more time or support.

Additionally taking the time to sit back, review and research larger goals is a great way to keep you on track to being the best.

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