Revolutionizing the Wedding & Events Booking Process at the MillHouse

The Millhouse, a magnificent manor house that is used as an exclusive wedding venue turned to BriteBiz to revolutionize their entire booking process. They haven’t looked back since.

Their Story.

Before BriteBiz, The Millhouse’s booking process was supported mainly by an Excel, email and paper-based system. The absence of a database system or CRM tool meant sales inquiries and contacts were managed via email and all of the function sheets were updated in Microsoft Word and manually distributed to the event, kitchen and bar staff in-person. All contracts were paper-based and kept in a separate folder. From an accounting perspective, all invoices and payments were kept in other external systems and then uploaded to an accounts package which was not cloud-based.

Their Digital Tools

The Millhouse were working from many different systems. They knew there was significant opportunity to grow and cut costs if they could change this and spent a lot of time trying to find a solution.

The Admin Nightmare

The team at the Millhouse was swamped by day-to-day administration tasks and growing the number of events they could do was very difficult because of the admin load.

The BriteBiz Effect

The Millhouse now has an integrated sales & event platform. From inquiry, contracts, invoices and payments to the management of function sheets, rooming and seating details.

Connecting Xero

All quotes, invoices, payments and even receipts are managed through BriteBiz. This has cut The Millhouse’s admin by a whopping 55%.

What do they say?

“Our entire team loves using BriteBiz, from sales and accounts to our operations team. Our clients also really love BriteBiz and we get fantastic feedback from them.”

What do we say?

With all systems integrated, and with client portals for bookings, all info and communication is captured, everything is integrated and everyone is on the same page!

One Place for Everything

A lot of BriteBiz users were using multiple different systems before they switched; email, a basic CRM, and Microsoft applications like Excel & Word. What makes BriteBiz so powerful is that it provides all of the tools you need in one place.