How do you sell quicker?

No one sale is the same. Different complications arise that prevent the sales cycle from becoming a fluid, predictable process. Still, there are three key ways to speed up the process. As every sales rep knows, momentum is king.

1) Make Repetitive Tasks Redundant

Too much sales time is spent on repetitive tasks that cut down on time allocated to more meaningful activities such as building targeted relationships. Figure out which sales tasks can be automated e.g. BriteBiz offers templates and an easy-to-manage task manager that shows sales reps exactly what needs to be done on any given day. This means that you spend less time organizing (no more archaic to-do lists), searching for information and inputting data. It’s not a bad idea to hold an overall audit to determine which tasks can be automated and then go from there.

Tip: Automate repetitive tasks

2)  Speed Up Quotes/Contracts

According to Apptus, less than 3 out of 10 businesses are able to turn around a quote in 24 hours and almost half hang on to contracts for a week. Momentum is lost, buyers get cold feet or even worse go with a competitor’s offering. In a digital world, your business needs online quotes and contracts that can be sent instantly and signed immediately. The benefits of this can be lost if contract management and approval aren’t also automated. This is why BriteBiz integrates with PandaDoc, helping you to build and deliver sales quotes and proposals as well as track presentations and close deals faster with legally binding eSignatures. This can cut contract finalization time from weeks or days to minutes.

Tip: Make it incredibly straightforward to send, review and sign quotes/contracts

3) Remove the Need for Unnecessary Back-and-Forth

You’ve cut back sales rep hours spent on tedious admin, created a fully integrated “quote-to-cash” process. You are now only one step away from a more streamlined and efficient sales cycle.

It takes about 16 minutes to refocus your attention on other work once you’ve strayed into your email inbox. It’s a plague on productivity, but it’s true that you can’t ignore client questions or the gentle reminders of outstanding items that you need to send. BriteBiz allows its users to create client facing portals where clients can be shown information about the sale as well as any outstanding items that need to be attended to.

Tip: Provide customers with all the necessary information they need