Supercharging Bentley Production’s Growth

For Bentley Production’s BriteBiz keeps everything in one place, event bookings, operations sheets for each event, project management and payments, it really is a one stop.

Their Story.

Bentley Productions occupies a unique space in Ireland’s music and event production industry. Formed over a decade ago, they have become the premier provider of entertainment and production solutions to the vibrant wedding and corporate entertainment market. A question that confronts many high-growth enterprises became unavoidable, how could Bentley Productions scale? Tracking all inquiries, bookings, contracts, event details, dealing with clients and with event staff requires a whole lot of administration.

Their Digital Tools

Before BriteBiz, Bentley Productions used different software like Salesforce, Paypal, and Google Business Apps to manage their bookings.

The Admin Nightmare

Despite all of this software the Bentley Productions team was swamped by day-to-day administration tasks and scaling was limited by the admin load.

The BriteBiz Effect

BriteBiz came along and strealined everything in one place. From inquiry and contact management, to quotes, contracts and bookings.

Connecting Xero

All quotes, invoices, payments and even receipts are managed through BriteBiz. This has cut Bentley Production’s admin by a whopping 55%.

What do they say?

“We have enjoyed a 40% year on year growth pattern since using BriteBiz. We can now focus on developing and scaling Bentley Productions.”

What do we say?

Scaling is a challenge for every business, and it is important to have the right tools in place to empower a company to scale. Kudos to Bentley!!

One Place for Everything

A lot of BriteBiz users were using multiple different systems before they switched; email, a basic CRM, and Microsoft applications like Excel & Word. What makes BriteBiz so powerful is that it provides all of the tools you need in one place.