Powering ag-Grid’s Sales Process


ag-Grid is a rapidly expanding tech company that needs to manage a high volume of leads, inquiries, quotations and deals. They have chosen BriteBiz to power their sales process.

Their Story.


ag-Grid sells the most advanced JavaScript data grid on the market, working with a number of tier-one investment banks, government organizations, and SMEs in the process. As ag-Grid was growing rapidly it needed a software that was capable of helping their team manage the considerable volume of inbound leads they were generating in a strategic manner.

Their Expertise

John Masterson, ag-Grid’s Customer Experience Manager, was particularly adept at choosing a solution having previously worked in the CRM space.

The Key Focus

His focus was on finding a solution that could immediately tackle several key problems while possessing the capability to evolve with their business.


The BriteBiz Effect

It drives their systemized contact schedule and follow-up strategy, a crucial element of their overall sales strategy. Templates mean they can respond in seconds.

Connecting Quickbooks

All quotes, invoices, payments and even receipts are managed through BriteBiz. This has cut their admin by a whopping 45%.

What do they say?

“I wanted a system that our staff can use with very little training required and that also wouldn’t take me long to figure out. We have no doubt that it’s improved our conversion rate.”

What do we say?

BriteBiz is a solution that prides itself on being able to fit around your strategic vision and timeline. We solve the problems you need solved, not the problems we want you to solve.

One Place for Everything

A lot of BriteBiz users were using multiple different systems before they switched; email, a basic CRM, and Microsoft applications like Excel & Word. What makes BriteBiz so powerful is that it provides all of the tools you need in one place.