3 Wedding Sales Tips in a Pandemic Restricted World

Selling wedding’s in the fall out from Covid 19 Restrictions has been challenging to say the least. Just when you think you have got to grips with what’s happening along comes a change to the restrictions, fear over a new variant or a vaccine announcement throws returning to normal into chaos again. We hear you! It’s not easy.

We have put together a few Top tips to help get you back in control.

1. Flexibility shows Experience.
Couples just like venues are wary of what the coming months will bring in terms of their guest numbers and what restrictions will look like for their big day. All too many have a friend or family member who had to postpone more than once in the last 18 months.
Couples now expect a venue to meet them with a flexible approach & honesty in contingency planning.
Have clear offerings in line with restrictions so couples can budget and plan with you for all eventualities. Flexibility in your approach from the start on how your venue has and will continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic will demonstrate an experienced and in-control venue.

2. Standards create trust.
Has your Venue implemented and invested in new protocols for weddings in reaction to the pandemic? New outdoor structures? New standards of hygiene? Staff training? Changes to what was considered normal. Of course, you have! And you are doing an awesome job.
So tell your couples! Proudly display your new charters or include this information in a covid reaction policy that you share.
Explain what you are doing and why. This will show couples how important weddings are to your venue, how important the safety of their guests is to you and how you will continue to prioritize their special day.

3. Communication connects.
Now more than ever with an uncertain and slightly weary couple (but cautiously excited) communication is essential. Couples need to feel their venue is confident, excited, and caring for what is a lifetime event. And to feel this they need it communicated.

When communicating to an Inquiry, show who the venue is and show your personality. Make an impression. Make a connection. Show enthusiasm and excitement for their plans. Listen and give advice. Make it personal so they connect with you and your venue. Keep communication at their level. If a couple of emails to ask about dates, don’t bombard them with the history of the building and what you cant do due to covid restrictions. Answer them with positivity, showing availability, ask a question, and offer to move them to the next stage, hopefully, a meeting where you can truly wow them.
Once they are happy to do so you can easily qualify the Inquiry with a few quick questions.

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