BriteBiz and the Hospitality Industry

BriteBiz is a great fit for the hospitality industry and is used by hotels and exclusive hire venues across the world. Managing weddings and events is complicated, with many moving parts, including inquiries, contracts, function sheets and payments. Within the hospitality industry, this has traditionally been managed across multiple systems, which usually includes a CRM, excel spreadsheets and paper documents.

BriteBiz is the light bulb moment that brings it all together, in one beautiful place, allowing you to project manage each booking effortlessly. The unique customer portal within BriteBiz means clients are kept informed of all relevant information they need to know about and payments can be easily processed. This saves time and money and creates an unparalleled customer experience.


The Millhouse

Revolutionizing the Entire Wedding & Events Booking Process with BriteBiz

Many hotel and venue operators are hampered by old systems and outdated IT infrastructure and are beginning to realize the significant benefits of streamlining their event sales and management processes. The Millhouse, a magnificent manor house that is used as an exclusive wedding venue turned to BriteBiz to revolutionize their entire booking process. They haven’t looked back since.

Out with the old, in with the New

Before BriteBiz, The Millhouse’s booking process was supported mainly by an Excel, email and paper-based system. The absence of a database system or CRM tool meant sales inquiries and contacts were managed via email and all of the function sheets were updated in Microsoft Word and manually distributed to event, kitchen and bar staff in-person. All contracts were paper based and kept in a separate folder. From an accounting perspective, all invoices and payments were kept in another external systems and then uploaded to an accounts package which was not cloud based.

This is a booking process familiar to hospitality managers the world over. Sound like a real headache to manage? Cue BriteBiz.

“As we were working from so many different systems, administration was taking up a huge amount of our time. We knew there was significant opportunity to grow and cut costs if we could change this and I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution. We wanted to bring everything into one system, to allow us to manage weddings and events from start to finish. After searching for almost a year, I couldn’t find anything suitable. We were very fortunate to then come across BriteBiz, it’s been a perfect fit for us and has transformed the way we operate.”

Denise O’Brien, General Manager

BriteBiz has allowed the Millhouse to develop an integrated sales and event management system. From inquiry, products and services, contracts, invoices and payments to the actual management of function sheets, rooming and seating details, it’s all now in one central place. BriteBiz has been integrated with their new accounting software, Xero, creating a seamless process right from inquiry to when payments hit their bank account. Additionally, venue staff no longer have to journey to the office in search of function sheets, schedules and details, they now log into BriteBiz and view all of the necessary information on their phone or tablet.

The Millhouse have integrated BriteBiz with their Office365 email service so that any staff member in the Millhouse can view all correspondence with any client at the click of a button. The BriteBiz client portal has also proved to be an invaluable sharing platform for The Millhouse. The Millhouse use the client portal on every event so that clients can view all the details that the venue wishes to share with them, such as products/services booked and function sheets. Finally, the Millhouse also use BritePay to process customer debit and credit cards, so clients can log in and make payments and print a digital receipt themselves. This has cut out a huge amount of administration in terms of payment processing.

Increased Conversions

Not only has the Millhouse team been able to respond in near real-time to customers at wedding fairs, the Microsoft 360 Office integration has also allowed them to respond quickly to inquiries via email with pre-defined template e-mails. This is underpinned by a sleek and easy-to-navigate database that gives their sales team instant access to all relevant information on new inquiries and open deals. It’s done wonders for their conversion rate.

When we go to wedding fairs, we input all inquiries straight into BriteBiz, emailing these potential customers before we even leave the wedding fair. This has done wonders for our conversion rate and really adds to the customer experience”.

Providing an Unparalleled Customer Experience

Booking and managing events can be stressful for both venues and clients. One way for a venue to innovate is to find a way to provide a world class customer experience throughout the booking process, right from inquiry to the event itself.  An untapped opportunity exists for venues to make the booking process a shining element of their overall customer experience.

With BriteBiz, the Millhouse has transformed its booking process, and it is now a unique selling point for the venue and the venue regularly gets feedback about how excellent the booking experience was. With all systems integrated, and with client portals for individual bookings, all information and communication is captured, everything is integrated and everyone is on the same page.

Every venue wants to innovate, cut costs and increase conversions. But most importantly, venues need to WOW brides, grooms and corporate clients through the booking process. Being average is no longer good enough in hospitality. BriteBiz has ensured The Millhouse can provide a WOW booking experience at every level.

“Our entire team loves using BriteBiz, from sales and accounts to our operations team. Our clients also really love BriteBiz and we get fantastic feedback from them. Because clients can log in at any time, they feel real ownership over their event and this is particularly powerful for clients that are based overseas.”

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