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BriteBiz is a great fit for companies that operate in the events industry. BriteBiz is used by companies that run several large events a year and other events companies that run several smaller events a night. In fact, the founders of BriteBiz, and the initial companies involved in its development were all from the events industry. They could not find a solution that worked for them, and so collectively developed this ground breaking solution. BriteBiz keeps everything in one place, event bookings, operations sheets for each event, project management and payments, it really is a one stop shop. Read about how one event company, Bentley Productions, have used BriteBiz to empower their business.


Bentley Productions

Unlocking Scale

Bentley Productions occupies a unique space in Ireland’s music and event production industry. Formed over a decade ago, they have become the premier provider of entertainment and production solutions to the vibrant wedding and corporate entertainment market. However, there was a downside to this rapid success: Bentley Productions was growing so quickly that they were soon managing more events per night than they could effectively handle.

A question that confronts many high-growth enterprises became unavoidable, how could Bentley Productions scale? Tracking all inquiries, bookings, contracts, event details, dealing with clients and with event staff requires a whole lot of administration.

Bentley Production’s Lightbulb Moment

“Many events happen on weekends and having the most up-to-date information in one single place is crucial to our success. Using BriteBiz has made it significantly easier to manage multiple bookings simultaneously, reducing stress levels and allowing us to focus on what matters most, putting on the best event possible” – Dáire Killian, General Manager

Before BriteBiz, Bentley Productions used a combination of different software such as Salesforce, Google Business Apps, Paypal, and Quickbooks, as well as various project management and scheduling tools to manage their bookings. Although these were useful tools to a certain extent, they were not integrated and streamlined systems and nothing worked to tie the entire booking process together (that is from initial inquiry to final payment and scheduling and managing the event itself). Despite all of this software the Bentley Productions team remained swamped by day-to-day administration tasks and scaling was limited by this administration load.

Using BriteBiz was a lightbulb moment. With BriteBiz, everything is streamlined in one place, from inquiry and contact/company database, quotes, contracts, and booking. Event sheets, file attachments, graphics etc are all managed right within the system in one location, so everyone knows exactly what is going on.

Bentley Productions also open client portals for every booking and display the information they want to display to clients and communicate with clients and gather information from them through the portal. All payments requests, invoices, and receipts are also managed through the portal which cuts down on a huge amount of administration. This guarantees smooth management of all client communications throughout the system and the integrated nature of the system cuts out errors. This meant their team are no longer required to spend hours on the phone with customers, vendors, and event staff, everyone logged into a central location. It also reduced the time they spent handling quotes, contracts, and payments which could all be taken care of with minimal effort through BriteBiz.

“BriteBiz has reduced 55% of the admin costs associated with running an event. And most importantly it has allowed us to scale and provide an incredible client booking experience. It’s been a truly transformative software for us.”

Back on the Path to Growth

Scaling is a challenge for every business, and it is important to have the right tools in place to empower a company to scale. With automation and integration, as well as being a cloud platform, BriteBiz empowers companies to grow.  

“We have enjoyed a 40% year on year growth pattern since using BriteBiz. We can now focus on developing and scaling Bentley Productions as well as the fun creative stuff that keeps us on top of our game.”

BriteBiz has not only allowed Bentley Productions to cut administration costs but supported a smooth, customer-centric sales process that has led to an increase in repeat corporate business. Corporate clients know the making a booking, signing a contract, updating their event details and making payments is a straightforward process with Bentley Productions. Many companies talk about the importance of providing a great customer experience, yet very few have the internal processes to make it a reality.

The dreaded administrative load associated with organizing events has been reduced to a manageable level and the sales process greatly improved, freeing up Bentley Production’s jazz hands to do what they do best: be creative, delight customers, drive sales and grow.

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